Çardak Packaging Quality

Special Solutions

Children's Painting House
This product, also called cardboard painting house made of corrugated cardboard, which is an environmentally friendly product, contributes to the socialization of our children, the development of manual skills and the advancement of the art direction.
Seperators made of corrugated cardboard are products that prevent the products produced in micro, micro dopel and BC dopel from interrupting each other by preventing them from scratching each other.
It is generally used in plastic industry among products that are weak against dusting and scratching.
Cardboard Shelf
This box, which is also called shelf box, shelf box product separation box, plug-in box, or plug-in box, windowed box or windowed box produced from corrugated cardboard, is a specially designed product and it can be arranged due to its locked systems and provides easy usage advantage.
Paper Waste Bin
In our rapidly polluted world, paper and paper products that are not waste are collected in offices, homes, hospitals, institutions and organizations, and they are produced in the form of boxes, and they are beneficial for people to be environmentally friendly by making remarkable prints on them.
Hanging Dress Box
It prevents wrinkling and deforming of products such as clothes and evening dresses carried in a hanging box, which is a product used in transportation companies, especially in the textile industry. The plastic apparatus, which is our special production in the hanging box, is placed in a special section on the box, and it becomes a very easy carrying box.
Archive Box
The archive package used by companies or people who want to keep many files in smaller spaces is a corrugated cardboard product.