Çardak Packaging Quality

Cut Boxes

Cardboard Corner Protector
Generally furniture, white goods and technological etc. Cardboard corner protectors produced by cutting custom corrugated cardboard for sensitive frangible products with corners eliminate many problems in packaging.
Agriculture and Flower Box
Also known as corrugated cardboard, printed air holes made of corrugated cardboard, which enables the flower and seedling producers operating in the agricultural sector to dispatch the tree seedlings produced, this product is a product type that it can offer with high quality at affordable prices.
Gift box
It is a kind of special boxes that are supported by special prints that are special for the meaning of the day and to protect the gifts we receive for our loved ones on special occasions.
Book Box
It provides ease of carrying the book boxes with the handgrips opened over them or the hand hold sections made from the top.

Transport companies that provide book boxes or parcels for home transportation use heavily.

Offset and plate printing technique can be applied.

Screw - Dowel - Nail Box
It is produced by using flexo or offset printed micro micro dopel material with bottom locked cap that enables companies producing metal, plastic, sheet, iron, screws, dowels to ship multiple pieces.
Headlight Box
Our headlight boxes, signal boxes, which we produce for companies that are the manufacturer of the headlights that are broken in the smallest accident, are available in our product range with or without printing.
Thread Bobbin Seperator
It is the name given to the high-density perforated separator that is placed between the bobbins before and during the stacking on the pallet to ship the bobbins produced by the yarn producers.
Thread Box
The yarn boxes used in the companies producing yarn in the textile sector ensure that the yarn boxes are placed in the bobbin and shipped.

This product named as sewing thread box, polyester sewing thread box, thread box is generally bottom locked cut box.

It is a product that attracts the attention of the retail customer with the printing and information details on the shoe box preferred by the shoe companies.

The shoe boxes, which are enhanced with offset printing, increase the visibility of the product and ensure that the product is transported securely from the factory to the store.

Shoe boxes that attract the attention of retail customers in the stores turn into corrugated cardboard micro plastering cellophane and printing machines and turn into boxes.

Industrial Box
It is the general name given to the products produced from corrugated cardboard that industrial companies use to protect and ship their products.

It is measured in accordance with the demands of the company and its quality is determined according to the product it will use. Thanks to its printability, it helps to advertise your company.

e-Commerce Box
E-commerce boxes and boxes are produced from corrugated cardboard, which ensures that products sold in e-commerce and the internet reach the buyer without any problems.
Bag Type Box
These boxes, which are also called hand-held boxes or hand-held boxes, are the type of box that is shaped like a bag by opening the upper side of the lid part by opening the handgrip sections to the wide sides of the lid part and opening the doors to the wide sides of the lid part.
Locked Box
Locked boxes are a type of box in which the product can be placed without using tape, with the feature that it can be closed easily with a special lock system at the bottom cover.
Pan Type Box
Locked pans, which are generally used in cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical industry, carbonated beverage sector, water sector, do not lose the visuality of the product and are used to dispatch products such as 12's, 24's, 48's.
Windowed Box
Corrugated cardboard, micro, dopel, micro dopel material, which is generally produced as offset printed, is made of window cuts on the top or sides of the box, making the product inside visible from the outside.
Box with Seperator
They are slotted cardboards that are opened in order to prevent the products from coming into contact with each other in the box.

Seperated boxes, which are also made specially in line with the customer's product, are produced from micro, micro dopel material.